Morty the monster free crochet pattern dutch/English

Say hello to morty !

Morty may be the friendlies monster in this entire world! with his fluffy body and big smile ! who can resist him.With this pattern I will show you how to make forty! , for this lovely monster I used scheepjes catona yarn and scheepjes river washed , and who  would have thought you can do a lot with an dog brush??

this patterns has lots of pictures to help you along the way , is very beginners friendly and very populair amount the young ones.

and that all for free ! for more patterns go check my Etsy shop or my facebook page (links at the bottom of the website) and feel free to comment on the pattern or even show your results , personally I think thats the best part of designing these cuties!

always remember to pin the pattern so you can return back any time you want,

with love , Sweetypiedesign.

 the english pattern click here :  morty_monster_engels pdf
het Nederlandse mpatroon klik hier: morty_monster_

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Elliot the elephant free crochet pattern dutch/English

Elliot is big cuddly stuffed animal designed bij me ( sweetypiedesign)

with this pattern I will show you exactly how you can make Elliot yourself. In the pattern are a lot of pictures to help you along the way. The pattern is beginners friendly and is about 35 cm high (made with cotton yarn).The yarn I used is from scheepjes and called catona. Scheepjes in one of the biggest yarn suppliers in the Netherlands and sold around the world.

I hope you like this pattern and if so I would love to know !

with love sweetypiedesign !

voor het Nederlandse patroon klik hier : elliot nederlands patroon
for the English pattern click here : elliot engels


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the blogging dumbass

hi everyone!
A few times i told you all that i would blog more often…al those time i actually did …NOT …shame on me for not being able to connect on this website on a regular basis.

I can have a million excuses, reasons and story’s why not, but the truth is… im just to insecure about the whole blogging thing. English is not my first language an altough im very much able to speak or write in English , im not a professional and i hate huge grammar errors.

my other insecurity is that i just cant imagine that you Wonderfull readers and bloggers would be very much intrested in my life or storys about crochet (what this blog is about)

So! lets make a deal ! im going to stop whining and feeling sorry about myself , and you will forgive me for my grammar. Sounds like a good deal right ? i promiss you alll i will update more often , post about my patterns , and give away free ones from time to time !

thats all for now but until next time ,
With love,
Anouck ( aka sweetypiedesign)

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