Newt Scamander

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im proud to introduce my new pattern in collaboration with Ingrid from inkugurumi.
Meet Newt Scamander from ‘fantastic beasts and where to find them‘ yup another jk rowling character!

From the moment i saw the movie i fell in love with newt , his shyness, his sarcasm and most of all his love for his creatures ! i personally cant wait for the next movies and im sure they will be as fntastic as the first one !

you can find the pattern in my shop via etsy or here on the website ( instant download after purchase) ! Ofcourse its also available via ingrids website so make sure to take a look !

have a great day!
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Free pattern golden snitch




Hi everybody!

I think you all know my big love for Harry Potter by now . After making a Harry Potter doll , a bowtruckle  and a niffler I diddnt think that a golden snitch could be left out. So here it is ! My free pattern of the snitch ( dutch version below )I hope you will enjoy it !

with love ,


Golden snitch



Start with the bal.

I used a golden yarn that is slightly thicker than the cotton i usually use, so if you dont have the gold thick yarn , just use double thread cotton or acrylic yarn.


1. 6 sc in the 1st ch from your hook. (6 sc)
2. 2 sc increase repeat to end round (12sc)
3. 1 sc , 2 sc increase , repeat to end round (18 sc)
4. 2 sc , 2 sc increase , repeat to end round (24 sc)
5. 3 sc , 2 sc increase , repeat to end round (30 sc)
6-11. 30 sc (30 sc)
12. 3 sc , 2 sc together , repeat to end round (24 sc)
13. 2 sc , 2 sc together , repeat to end round (18 sc)
14. 1 sc , 2 sc together , repeat to end round (12 sc)
Stuff the bal with stuffing
15. 2 sc together , repeat to end round (6 sc)
Sew the bal till its closed and break thread

Wings 4 x







Ch 20

1. Begin at the top loops of your ch, 2 Sl ,2 sc,2 hdc ,2 dc , 3 tdc ,2 dc , 2hdc ,2 sc ,2 sl.
2. Repeat the same at the bottom loops and break thread .

Put 2 wings on top of each other and put 38 sc all round .

Sew the wings on the sides of the bal











Gouden snaai
De bal

H 2 l

1. 6 v in de eerst vanaf de haaknaald
2. 2 v in elke v ( 12 v )
3. 1 v , 2 v in volgende v herhaal ( 18 v)
4. 2 v , 2 v in volgende v herhaal ( 24v)
5. 3 v , 2 v in volgende v herhaal( 30 v)
6-11. 30 v ( 30 v)
12. 3 v , 2 v samenhaken herhaal(24)
13. 2 v , 2 v samenhaken herhaal(18)
14. 1 v , 2 v samenhaken herhaal (12)
Vul de bal op
15. 2 v samenhaken ( 6 v) herhaal

Hecht je draad af .

De vleugels 4 x

H 20 l

1. Begin in de bovenste lussen van je losse ketting , 2 hv , 2 v , 2 Hst ,2 st , 3 dst, 2 st , 2 hst ,2 v, 2 hv .
2. Herhaal dit aan de onderste lussen van je losse ketting .

Leg 2 vleugels op elkaar en haak 38 v rondom.

Naai de vleugels aan de zijkant van je bal.

May the force be with Yoda!


After alot of sneak peeks ,im happy to announce the new pattern by Sweetypie design and inkugurimi.
I have to say that im pretty excited about this one , not only because he is the cutest thing ever ! but also because this is the first pattern i made with Ingrid from inkugurumi.
Working with ingrid is so much fun and very productive as you can see .

who can resist him !
you can find the pattern here in my Shop
The pattern is written in english and dutch and very easy to folow!

if you want stay updated about other new designs on the way , just follow our facebook page and take a look.

see you soon !
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Under the sea

Hi everyone

last time i showed you how i was reorganizing my yarn stash. Well, that inspired me alot so in The near future you can see alot of new designs.

Still one of my favorite things to make are my princesses ! And as it Turns out … there is a new member to join The crew ❤

She got Fins and rocks the shell bikini like No one ever did Before … can i get a huge applause for ! ARIËL


I must say , im pretty happy with her and i think she Will fit right in with the other girls. The pattern is available in both dutch and english and for sale in my shop.

if you want stay updated about any new pattern releases just follow my facebook page or instagram

see you soon !